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Hello, I'm Jeremy Smith, the owner. 


With over 20 years of residential painting experience in San Luis Obispo County, you could say that I've pretty much seen it all! Even though your project might be unique to you, I am pretty sure I've completed at least one painting job that was very similar to yours. And because of my experience, I have the unique ability to share with you way ahead of time unforeseen challenges that may come up. This could be tremendously valuable to you in terms of saving you time and money.


Since I've had the opportunity to work as a project coordinator for a large San Luis Obispo painting company in the past, I'm intimately familiar with all the challenges involved with coordinating large painting projects. So, when I started my own painting company, I decided to focus only on smaller painting projects in order to keep a higher quality standard. To this day, my focus continues to be small residential painting projects which are limited in scope. In fact, my motto is "There is no painting job too small for us". I absolutely love those small painting jobs that no other painting companies in San Luis Obispo will touch. Taking on smaller residential projects as opposed to large commercial projects not only allows me to control quality better, it also gives me the opportunity to schedule projects sooner and finish them faster. And since I am running a small crew, I have much less overhead, which means more savings for me which I pass on to you, the consumer.

The bottom line is, when you hire me and my team, you end up paying less for better quality work!


Throughout the years, I've hired many different painting contractors in San luis Obispo County. I have to say Jeremy and his crew are hands down the best when it comes to cleanliness and paying attention to details. I refuse to work with any other painting contractors for my rental properties and my own house.

Robert Hedayat, Property Owner

1724 McCollum Ave, San Luis Obispo

Why You Should Hire Me

These days, it seems like anyone with a paintbrush claims to be a painting contractor. Most people who fall for these types of painters focus on cost and cost alone. With painting, like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you're still not convinced why you should hire me to do your next painting job, then let me give you 7 more reasons:

1) I am licensed and fully insured.

I have an active contractor's license (# 967391) and both comprehensive business liability insurance (which protects your property from damage by my crew up to $1,000,000) and worker's compensation insurance (that protects my crew and you from liability while they're working on you property). You should never consider working with a contractor that does not have these insurances in place. You should always ask for the name of the insurance carrier and confirm that the policy is valid and current by calling them. Since worker's compensation insurance is expensive, some contractors may tell you they are insured hoping that you won't check. Don't be fooled. 

2) I am a neat freak.

You could call it a personality disorder, but I think it's a quality that has helped me tremendously in the success of my painting business. I truly have an obsession with cleanliness in my personal life and at work. So you can be sure that my team and I will do our absolute best to maintain a clean and neat environment during our work, and will do our absolute best to clean after our work has finished. 

3) My crew is safe.

I personally background check all my employees and I know them and their family very well. Do you know the individuals who will perform work in your home? Unfortunately, there have been many documented cases around the country where painting contractor employees have burglarized and even injured the homeowner. Later on, it was found that the bad employee had a criminal background that was unknown to the contractor. 

4) I don't use subcontractors.

Many San Luis Obispo painting contractors use subcontractors instead of hiring employees in order to lower their expenses. Contractors prefer to work with subcontractors because they won't have to pay payroll taxes, worker's compensation taxes, and employee benefits. Since subcontractors get a fixed fee, they may cut corners to get the job done quicker. Therefore, the quality of work suffers as a result of using subcontractors. 

5) I use quality paint.

The quality of the paint your painting contractor uses will determine how it looks and how long it lasts. There is a big difference between a $9 gallon of paint and a $50 gallon of paint. Be sure to ask your contractor what kind of paint and stain they will utilize for your job. I use Sherwin-Williams paint, and both Sikkens (PPG) and Cabot stains. 

6) I manage all my projects.

Oftentimes the estimator that you meet at the beginning of the project will not be performing the work. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the painting contractor has a strong project management system in place. However, most painting contractors have a weak project management system in place, which is the number one cause of customer complaints. Since I produce all my estimates and I manage all my projects, I get my projects done on time and I maintain a very high customer satisfaction rate. 

7) I offer a 3-year warranty.

Some painting contractors in San Luis Obispo County give unrealistic warranties such as 10 or 20 years. The fact is that most of these fly-by-night companies will be out of business long before their warranties expire. So be wary of these types of empty promises when signing a contract. One- to two-year warranties are pretty common. Most paint problems will show up within the first year anyway. For anything longer than that, you may want to look closely at the fine print. A decent warranty includes both labor and material, which is what I offer as well. 


My Services

Our highly skilled and fun loving craftsmen take great pride in bringing your vision to fruition in the following areas:

Color Consultation

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Specialized Faux Finishes

Deck Staining and Refinishing

Drywall and Plaster Repair

Siding Repair

Fascia and Trim Repair

Deck Repair
Pressure Washing

Dry Rot Repair



Our highly skilled and fun loving craftsmen take great pride in bringing the vision for your home to fruition in the following areas:



“Extremely professional, punctual, friendly, clean, courteous, communicative, and take great pride in their work. Best painting company I've ever worked with, and that s been different properties in SLO County since 1975. The house they painted was built in 1923, and needed lots of prep and TLC, and they did an INCREDIBLE job!”

Karen V. in San Luis Obispo, CA


"The team was very professional, courteous, reliable and respectful. They all take pride in their work and the outcome shows in the finished product. My house looks beautiful and you can see the professional detail of their work. The price was very reasonable. Overall they did an excellent job and I highly recommend Paneless Painting Company."

Carol M. in Morro Bay, CA


"Very accommodating, professional and personable. The owner walked me through the process of painting the exterior of my house and stayed in touch throughout the project. They did everything from stucco patching to sanding and refinishing the front door. I would definitely recommend them and hire them again."

Cortney M. in Grover Beach, CA


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